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Welcome to the Village of Pulaski Wisconsin Centennial website!

Opening Ceremony Cake (Photo Courtesy of Marcia Stachura)

The Village of Pulaski, Wisconsin, was incorporated on April 9, 1910.  This website has been created to recognize the 100th anniversary of this important historical event.  It will serve as a living, ever-changing instrument to help document the history of the people that helped make the Village of Pulaski the wonderful community that is today.  Please visit this website often to discover more about the people and the history of Pulaski.

Village of Pulaski, Incorporated April 9, 1910

Judge Samuel D. Hastings ruled that the issue of incorporation of the Village of Pulaski should go under vote of all of inhabitants of the proposed territory for the said village.  The voting took place on April 9, 1910 under the appointed vote inspectors:  O.H. Cooley, A.F. Kubiak and Harry T. Peplinski.  The incorporation of the village passed by a vote of 59 to 32.  J.A. Peplinski became the first president after regular elections were held for the village administrators.  This is a list of the original officers and trustees:

President - J.A. Peplinski                  
Assessor - A.F. Kubiak
Treasurer - L. Szymanski
Trustee - Joseph Kurowski
Trustee - B. Tyrakowski
Trustee - M. Raczkowski
Trustee - F. Hekel
Trustee - F.H. Raniszewski
Trustee - Louis Prokopowitz
Trustee - Felix Gajewski
Constable - Jerome Jaroch
Justice - Peter Wendzikowski
First Clerk Appointed - O.H. Cooley
First Clerk Elected - Charles Lepich